Lightkeepers choir

Lightkeepers choir

Lightkeepers choir will be open to singers with previous choral or harmony singing experience.

Choir conductor's hands

We’re expecting participants to be of a level where they could sing a part confidently, have good tuning and the ability to blend well with other voices.

We’ll be sending out recordings of the song parts before the event you’re booked on and while it’s understandable that you may want lyric sheets or scores with you over the weekend we’d like everyone to have put some time in and learnt their parts before they come.

Some of the choir arrangements will be in 3 or 4 part harmony while other songs will have a lead vocal – the tenors for instance – while the rest of the choir will be singing backing vocals.

To help us to organise the arrangements it would be useful to know where your voice is pitched and what part you usually sing (if you have a background of singing in a choir). There’s space on the registration form where you can give us this information and tell us about your singing experience. To achieve balance in both choir and orchestra there will be a restricted number of places for types of voice.


Here’s a short sample from There Is a Light, by Mairi Campbell and David Francis, one of the songs in our repertoire. This isn’t a final arrangement, but is indicative of the sort of thing we might be singing when we all gather for a Lightkeepers weekend.

How it will work

On the weekend, we’ll gather on Friday night for an introductory session. Here you’ll get to meet, play and sing with all the other participants and get an overview of the pieces we’ve chosen. On Saturday we’ll split into 2 groups -singers and orchestra. We’ll work on pieces separately in these groups before coming together to put everything together.

Lunches teas and coffees will be provided throughout the weekend, and participants will find their own accommodation and evening meals. There will be an informal ceilidh on the Saturday evening.

Find out more about registering for a Lightkeepers weekend