Registering to join a Lightkeepers event

Registration will open in March 2020.


It costs £150 per person for a Lightkeepers weekend. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to people joining our events. If you would like to register but would struggle to pay the full cost, please contact Ros before registering.

Minimum age

You must be 16 or over to register for Lightkeepers events.


Flute player

For each weekend event we’ll bring together a choir and orchestra that creates music to the best of our collective ability. Because some orchestral parts will be played by just one or two players, we are asking players to upload a short recording of themselves, so we can ensure the arrangements are going to suit the people who participate.  Your recording doesn’t have to be long, or complicated, and can be recorded on a phone or other hand-held device. We’d like to hear you on your own, without any other players or singers.

Registration process

Step 1: Decide whether you would like to register to join the orchestra or the choir.
Step 2: If you’d like to join the orchestra, create your recording. You’ll be asked to upload it when you complete the registration form.
Step3: Complete the online registration form.
Step 4: We’ll contact successful applicants to arrange payment for the weekend.
Step 5: We’ll send out learning materials (recordings and written scores) about 6 weeks before the weekend.

Click on your preferred option below to go to the relevant registration form.

Register for the choir Register for the orchestra